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Miscellaneous Bugs and Problems
11-25-2016, 05:10 AM
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Miscellaneous Bugs and Problems
1a. Plotting the derivative of a function in the function app.
1b. Plotting a graph with a domain.
For these two cases, most of the functions would not work correctly. The ones with problems I have found include: 6 Slope, 7 Signed Area, 8 Extremum, 9 Tangent

2. The Define menu.
In order to make a user variable, one must use the Define Menu (shift + xtθn). The Name must be lower case and Function must be upper case. However, when you tap alpha when typing a function, it is not automatically in CAPS mode and the letters come out as lower case. This is kind of annoying as other places eg. HOME and CAS have the cases optimised correctly.

3. Prime messing too much with inputs.
Whenever you click on items that sit on the command line, the Prime automatically adds in a whole lot of stuff such as extra brackets and spaces. These cosmetic changes are annoying and it would still be great to have a setting to turn this off.

However, sometimes during this alteration process, the input actually turns incorrect. Two examples are listed below.

will become
(x-4)*(x+9)' with only the second bracket is being differentiated.

will become
The ^-1 has been converted into one unit, and it is impossible to edit the exponent itself anymore.
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