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169th prime x 2 = 42 limited edition?
11-21-2016, 08:52 PM
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RE: 169th prime x 2 = 42 limited edition?
IIRC there was a gap between LE-numbers of USA models and rest-of-the-world models, so it's difficult to guess the number of units sold per time. I have a 2936 and ordered early. To me, it appears to be a safe bet to say there were much less calculators than people wanting one.

Unfortunately, HP stopped shipping the 15C LE for some time after keyboard problems became apparent, and this likely wasn't in favour of a positive view on this business.

Last not least the 15C LE was advertized as "great gift", so the management in charge never had the idea people would actually use it *rolleyes*.

Even more speculative: There were rumors about a regular version just before it became clear the Voyager architecture was again in need of a change, means the firmware woud have to be touched again. And that's beside removing the known bugs, with the most annoying one the keyboard timeout routine (random double entries).

Oh, I answered to more than you've asked, Luigi Big Grin.

BTW, Casio was clever enough to continue selling a hopelessly outdated model (fx-4500p, is it still on sale?) just because people wanting them, imagine!
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