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Manuals for TDS Survey GX card for HP 48GX
02-13-2017, 07:02 AM
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RE: Manuals for TDS Survey GX card for HP 48GX
(02-12-2017 09:44 PM)Zzombie Wrote:  Can someone send me a link or copy of manual too, the know-it-all carpenters on job, says there's no way that I can layout a job as fast as them with their Ranger, I keep telling them it's the same thing, no difference, just older.. thank you, AJ
Z; Like you said; "no difference, just older". Your carpenters are just dazzled by the sparkley lights, not knowing that their new wiz bang gun is a refinement on what HP made in 1973. The same basic methods were used in HP's surveying solutions for the 35, in HP's card based programs for the 65 and Ted Kirber's D'Zign software for the 67, 41, 42.......
The Ranger series has a long history. It goes from what does the thinking for the carpenters, back through thisTDS Ranger, and past the various TDS 48 versions to the TDS Co Op 41. The programming is different of course, but the overall architecture, the shared storage registers, and probably most of the algorithms would be the same.

Remember; they might be able to polish their style and get as fast as you, but their point accuracy, and therefore eventually their repeatability, is limited to the goodness of measure their equipment can accomplish. What will show up is that 1cm horizontal circle and more than that in vertical error around every point when using GPS --- or the +/- 0.02 feet +/- some ppm for EDM measured distances --- or a person's tendency to hug either right or left of the crosshairs in turning an angle.
Out of plumb tribrachs and general parallax add up too.

They won't have a clue about error propagation on a big site but they probably only get a single building given to them at a time. They'll get away with a lot till they change BMs in the middle of the job, leave bad stakes in when they can't check themselves because they are a slave to a field computer, or confuse sub grade with "that other sub grade".

Knowing math and following good procedure will get you farther than button-pushing this week's ultimate survey system and arrogance. Neither though, will get you as far as having uncle Joe's company name on the side of your pickup truck.
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