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Some HP parts inside
11-16-2016, 07:54 PM
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Some HP parts inside

Recently I found this piece here missing from my collection (Aristo Unilog, ca. 1975 - non RPN...):

[Image: IMG13275_crop_picc.jpg]

Unfortunately it does not work, even after replacing the slightly corroded battery connector. When moving the I/O switch, some digits of the display flash briefly, but this is all.

But inside, there is a display from HP, something that I don't see very often in non-HP calculators:

[Image: IMG13272_1024px.jpg]

[Image: IMG13273_1024px.jpg]

and some creative soldering as well (I have no idea what that potentiometer is needed for):

[Image: IMG13274_1024px.jpg]

Any idea about repairing this calculator is certainly appreciated!

And in the same mail, I received this (inspired by the SR56 vs. HP25 thread ) calculator, which has been missing from my collection so far. Works perfectly, even the original (!) battery can still hold a charge - not something any of my HP-25s is capable of...

[Image: IMG13271_1024px.jpg]

As I own both now (the HP-25 and the SR56) I must say that the SR56 is overall the better calculator. But the Hp25 will always remain the one I would take to the solitary island!

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