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HP-41 GPS Module - True or fiction?
11-10-2016, 05:25 PM
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RE: HP-41 GPS Module - True or fiction?
Thanks for the enthusiasm for the MLDL2000. I might almost be tempted to realize a new version ....

As a proof of concept I made the HP41 (with the MLDL2000) to interface with SD cards, USB sticks and the internet itself (loading a ROM image from a website), so getting a GPS connected would be trivial. A serial port was also used for communication. I must admit that I did connect an ARM based controller to the MLDL that actually did the hard work, but it worked quite well.

The demo I did is still on youtube.

Today, this would all fit in a cardreader housing, with wifi, bluetooth and the so desperately needed GPS Smile

Why there is no new MLDL version? I get a request to buy an MLDL about once a month, so there could be a business case. But all I can do on the HP41, I can do much better on my phone, and although it is truly fun to create all the modern stuff to support the good old '41, the energy to put into a project like that is also well spent on many other fun aspects in life. If someone wants to take up the challenge to design and produce the hardware, I will gladly share experience and support this project.


Regards, Meindert
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