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82162a HP-IL thermal printer success
11-01-2016, 09:41 AM
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82162a HP-IL thermal printer success
Hi all,

I'm just curious to know whether the HP-IL printer was sucessful over the directy connected 82143a. It seems to me that:

1/The 82162a was significantly more expensive, let alone the fact that you had to buy the HP-IL interface if you did not already owned it for some other purposes (e.g. tape drive).

2/The selling points over the 82143a seems a bit weak:
- a new format (FMT) instruction to either center test or left/right justify two colums of text - was this feature really a killer one ?
- a parse/non-parse mode to avoid word cutting (but even at the time, certainly an HP-41 + 24-column printer was not exactly a state-of-the-art word processing system, so what for ?);
- the ability for print barcode was certainly more appealing, but I understand that it was quite tidious to get this to work;
- A standby mode (certainly convenient);
- the fact that it would use only one port for both tape drive (or whatever peripheral) + printer instead of two.

Were users really convinced by this product ? Did they stick to their good old 82143a if they already had one ? or even, did choose to buy a new 82143a rather than the more expensive (and little added value) 82162a ?

Thanks a lot in advance for your answers,

Best regards,

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