Poll: Which is your workflow when programming the Prime?
I program directly on the physical calculator
I use the virtual calculator to program
I use the Connectivity kit editor
I use notepad, and copy/paste constantly to the virtual calc/conn kit
I use Notepad++, and copy/paste constantly to the virtual calc/conn kit
I do something else
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Programming workflow?
11-01-2016, 01:50 AM (This post was last modified: 11-01-2016 01:57 AM by eried.)
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Programming workflow?

I want to know how do you program in the Prime.

With my 50g, I remember staying hours in the breeze with only the quick reference manual tinkering with it. This seems impossible with the Prime, as much as I wanted, mainly because two reasons:
  • Crashes
  • Crippled editor

The crashes are fading away luckily with each new firmware, however you still can't really trust the device, I was just yesterday checking the "scrollbars" in the Geometry app and it crashed -BTW the menus in that app look awful with small font in this app-

About the editor, well... we still do not have UNDO!, no search/replace, the magic of parenthesis and quotes in some places (when you want to test some piece of code in the CAS, etc) and some stupid way of handling the focus in the UI (I am talking about that yellow exclamation that pops, for example press VARS and then the CATALOG, why it needs me to dismiss that menu instead of just switching?)

Not everything is negative of course. The text selection is greatly improved, the debugger is outstanding (but the "watches" seem to not evaluate everything properly...), the backup/restore functionality is now amazing, the speed of the device is also a plus.

So, I wish to know what do you do?

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