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4K HP 67 Games rom attached for testing
10-24-2016, 06:54 PM
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4K HP 67 Games rom attached for testing
Thanks to Angel and a bit of editing, here is a 4K first stab at an HP 67 to HP 41 games rom.

This is only 4K and had several items cut. Partly this is to get rid of some games that were going to be tough to play (Dog race is one).

The other reason is that we are all busy and I'm not sure how much more effort we can bring to bear on this project. I'm considering asking Angel (and the community here) about two 4K roms eventually with HP 67 games on it. If that sounds ok, then this is the first.

It **does** still require the card reader rom to be plugged in (really or virtually).

This includes the updated games people in the previous thread adapted (thank you!) and a couple that are direct translations.

Thoughts? Is this good to go for a first 4K entry and maybe another 4K to come ?


-XROM----ADDR--FUNCTION --------------
 031.00   AFF3  -HP67_GAMES MCode XROM 31.00  "-HP67 GAMES"
 031.01   A378  "ARTL       UCode XROM 31.01  "ARTL"
 031.02   A0F0  "BJ         UCode XROM 31.02  "BJ"
 031.03   A25C  "BTLSHP     UCode XROM 31.03  "BTLSHP"
 031.04   A4B9  "CH67       UCode XROM 31.04  "CH67"
 031.05   A2F5  "CHKLCK     UCode XROM 31.05  "CHKLCK"
 031.06   A68D  "FLLW67     UCode XROM 31.06  "FLLW67"
 031.07   ABD6  "G2636      UCode XROM 31.07  "G2636"
 031.08   AD06  "GOLF67     UCode XROM 31.08  "GOLF67"
 031.09   AF9D  "JT         UCode XROM 31.09  "JT"
 031.10   AF14  "ML         UCode XROM 31.10  "ML"
 031.11   AE43  "OB         UCode XROM 31.11  "OB"
 031.12   A774  "SPW67      UCode XROM 31.12  "SPW67"
 031.13   AA21  "ST67       UCode XROM 31.13  "ST67"
 031.14   A037  "TTT        UCode XROM 31.14  "TTT"

Link to 4K .rom file:

.rom file

Link to 4K .mod file:
.mod file
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