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Am I the only one? 41-CX clock question
10-12-2016, 01:33 PM
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Am I the only one? 41-CX clock question
I've had a 41-CV forever. (At least it seems that way.) In the last year I've acquired two working CXs. I have found I use the CXs time functions more than expected, to the point where loosing the date and time in the clock is annoying.

I *think* I am resetting the clock when I pull the battery pack out to change batteries. At least when I notice the clock has been reset, I think back on the machines recent history and a battery change is in the timeline. The manual seems to hint that this *may* happen when the power is interrupted with a battery change, but it implies that if it does the memory would clear as well. I am not loosing continuous memory on a battery change. The CX I use the most holds memory for over 24 hours with the battery out of the case.

This is a rare enough that I am just becoming aware of the pattern. Is loosing time but not memory normal on CXs?

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