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[request] improve implicit multiplication in some cases
10-12-2016, 04:20 PM
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RE: [request] improve implicitly multiplication in some cases
(10-12-2016 03:44 PM)compsystems Wrote:  ... but in other cases as:
a|x| [enter] returns aABS(x) ?? must generate a syntax error or made implicity multiplication, agree?

I believe the parser simply translates the templates (in this case to the ABS() command) and then checks the input after the translation. The reason an error is not generated is because (assuming we are in CAS mode), one is allowed to create symbolic input. Thus, aABS(x) gets treated like a custom user function that has not been defined. For example, if nothing is stored in the variable f, typing f(x) would simply place f(x) on the history. In your example, the parser is simply reading aABS(x) in a similar manner. If you place a space in between a and |x| however, it will produce an error (i.e. not allowing implicit multiplication).

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