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71B FORTH/Assembler and the 41 Translator
10-01-2016, 08:24 PM
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RE: 71B FORTH/Assembler and the 41 Translator
(10-01-2016 04:02 PM)Dave Frederickson Wrote:  I discovered, recently, a flaw in my understanding of bank switching with FRAM71/B. The result is that I configured the FORTH/Assembler soft-configured ROM with the 41 Translator hard-configured ROM. The funny thing is, the FORTH/Assembler appears to work.

Emu71 can be configured like this so a FRAM71 isn't needed for verification.

Can anyone confirm that this works? It would make bank switching the two ROM's much simpler.


Using the F41-HC ROM with FTH-SC ROM probably will let you start FORTH, and maybe do simple command line calcs, but once you start doing more serious stuff, it will crash as the internal (headerless) commands are *not* the same between the 2 ROMs. Also, the internal buffers are different and all the internal addresses are shifted. HP had to change quite a number of the original Forth/Assem internal commands to get the F41 Translator to work; this is written-up somewhere... probably an issue of PPC-CJ or CHHU, Datafile, etc.

Try defining any non-trivial program and then run it and you will probably find MEM LOST pretty quickly.

--Bob Prosperi
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