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HP-41 Extended Memory data to card?
09-28-2016, 06:14 PM
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HP-41 Extended Memory data to card?
I have a program that I regularly use which stores data to Extended Memory. I would like to be able to store that data on cards with the card reader. The data files are from a little less than 32 registers up to 56 registers, so each file would fit on one or two cards at 32 registers per card.

I know the normal process would be to save a complete X-memory data file to a block of main memory and then write that block onto cards with the card reader. It seems to me that a program could be written that copies 16 registers at a time to main memory, to read or write a single card track, and then use the same 16 registers for the next chunk of the data file. This would save dedicating a large part of main memory solely to transfer a whole data file to cards.

Since I've thought of this, that means someone else has in the last 25 or so years since the 41 was state of the art.

At the present time the only "mass storage" devices available to me are the card reader and 2 impractical X-memory to barcode utilities I wrote for an earlier project. I know there are better choices like using a PIL-Box, but I'm still leaving the '80s kicking and screaming.

Before I dedicate time to reinventing the wheel, is such a program documented somewhere on the web?

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