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newRPL: Adding string processing commands?
09-22-2016, 06:28 PM
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RE: newRPL: Adding string processing commands?
(09-22-2016 05:12 PM)compsystems Wrote:  "Hello Earthlings" =)

1: a function to covertir in algebraic expression

"A+B+12" -> 'A+B+12'
This is just a simple compilation ->OBJ, adding the single quotes is trivial

(09-22-2016 05:12 PM)compsystems Wrote:  another en RPN

"A+B+12" -> "A B +12 +"

What exactly would this achieve? if you are planning to evaluate the symbolic, there's the symbolic object, the string won't help much.

(09-22-2016 05:12 PM)compsystems Wrote:  2: expand the function of the operator |

'X+3|(X=6)' EVAL 9

"X+Y"|("X"="W") -> "W+Y"

3: get with [] or ()

"X+Y"[1] -> "X"

"X+Y"[2] -> "+"

"X+Y"[3] -> "Y"
When we get to symbolic manipulation, we'll talk about some commands to do some primitives like extracting identifiers and operators out of a symbolic. Symbolic "rules" is probably what you are looking for and it's half-implemented already, but disabled until I get back to symbolic manipulation (a lot of work to do before then) to finish it.

In any case, that's off-topic here as this is for string manipulation.
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