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Announcing the "Dare 2 Compare", new version of the Total_Rekall
09-05-2016, 07:19 PM (This post was last modified: 09-07-2016 05:28 AM by Ángel Martin.)
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Announcing the "Dare 2 Compare", new version of the Total_Rekall
Looks like I've done it again, and this time probably taking the venerable 41 platform to places it hasn't been before: meet the "Dare 2 Compare" module, a new version of the Total_Rekall with the following new bells & whistles:

1. enhanced all launchers and function prompts to interact with one another and be "aware" of previous choices.
2. added a secondary FAT with 52 new sub-functions, amongst them all test functions on the stack registers {M-Q} (as {T to L} were already there implemented as main functions).
3. for main functions: automatic entering of non-merged arguments as second program lines. For instance: Z<=T? . This feature was a must, after I learned how to do it in the CLXPREGS module.
4. for sub-functions, a triple-non-merged argument scheme using three program steps. For instance: M>= IND Z?
5. added functions SELCT and ?CASE – a pseudo SLECT-CASE implementation that allows comparison of any “variable” (i.e. register, including the stack and indirect) defined by SELCT and stored in the buffer - with a hard value (integer) entered at the ?CASE prompt.
6. added NEXT and PREV, to increment/decrement any register by one - including the stack and indirection
7. Direct comparison to zero for any register (direct, indirect, stack), with the "Zero-group" functions. For instance: ?0 # 23
8. Implements the "emergency buffer" with five data registers in case you ran out of regular ones.
9. Enhanced SAVE/GET status registers to/from X-Memory, with variable-size option in the prompts.
10. a stack shuffle function SHFL, see the thread below !

Very tricky stuff, and not simple to make it all tick at unison but the results are nothing short of amazing if I may say it. Writing the manual is next, will try to get application examples in it as well after I digest the new functionality myself.

Soon at a TOS near you!

"To live or die by your own sword one must first learn to wield it aptly."
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