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New: RPN3.NET (XML-defined universal RPN simulator for .NET software or hardware)
08-22-2016, 02:08 AM
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RE: New Project: RPN3.NET (XML-definable RPN design platform for hardware/software)
(08-22-2016 01:42 AM)Nick Wrote:  Perhaps the layers of settings / overrides is as follows:
1. The function defaults (whatever the module/function author picked)
2. XML-settings (whatever the 'designer' chose in their implementation to override those defaults given the core or function settings)
3. runtime-settings (the module author could also include functions to adjust the behavior -- giving the user the option to adjust the behavior at runtime (calc on); simply add them to a menu/catalog -- or key)

...and through that, you get user key assignment (similar but more advanced than the 41, though the 41 behavior is possible). The XML is the startup configuration, which exposes a default number of functions (keys, menus) and behaviors to the user, and the rest depends on what you exposed. If you're doing an XML file for a 15C simulation as close as possible, the user would never know the stack size was re-definable because no option would be on the layout -- they'd always be in 4 or 4+complex mode. But, if you were to give them a different layout and exposed the "Stack Size" functions (say by adding a settings menu in place of ON or pairing a different FLAG), then they could change (and save) this such as on the WP34. (as the rows, columns, etc are arbitrary you could change the number of buttons; it isn't necessary to replace one with another unless you did so to keep the same keyboard size)

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