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[newRPL] Filesystem related date/time issues
09-18-2016, 03:36 AM
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RE: [newRPL] Filesystem related date/time issues
(09-17-2016 11:49 PM)matthiaspaul Wrote:  Something must have gone wrong here, as the code at SourceForge still shows

int rtc_getday()
    int bcd=__getRTCDay();
after the September update.

I fixed that the same day you posted it, I remember even committing that change. Perhaps I forgot to push it to the repos! I was using a VM with FreeBSD and an update left it unusable sometime last month, so I ended up installing Ubuntu Mate from scratch and cloning the repos again. If I forgot to push before it went bad, I wonder what other fixes got lost... that's very bad news.
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