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41 Programs for 7470 Plotter - Why so few?
09-13-2016, 09:25 AM
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RE: 41 Programs for 7470 Plotter - Why so few?
(09-13-2016 08:39 AM)Mike (Stgt) Wrote:  
(09-12-2016 07:08 PM)aurelio Wrote:  How many things needed, really.

Well, the items Sylvain lists show some kind of dream-come-true. The bare minimum is an HP-41 with the IL module and the HP7470A Opt. 003 -- that is the one with HP-IL interface. If you have one with RS232, well yes, in that case you also need an HP-82164A HP-IL/RS-232C interface.

Started with this starter setup you soon will reach for the HP-82184A Plotter module that helps a lot in programming HP-GL output. And yes, of cause, an HP-41CX is better than an HP-41CV which is better than an HP-41C. Next, if you realy do need to do things with HP-IL only the HP-71 could do, the HP-82183A Extended-I/O module could push the limits of a bare HP-41 a bit further.

I regard this as somewhat obsolete. Most of the equipment could be replaced by a virtual equivalent. No more Gordens knot in cables, no leaking batteries, no dried out pens -- only error prone OSes and smoking mSATAs. Wink


Ciao Mike,
I know that there is a plotter emulator (if you mean that) but anyway you have to interface the real calculator with a PC, how?
Or maybe you mean complete emulation of the hardware?
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