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HP 41CL Flash Database - Documentation
07-23-2016, 01:00 AM
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RE: HP 41CL Flash Database - Documentation
(07-23-2016 12:41 AM)Gene Wrote:  However, I could not find in the PPC ROM manual the listings and instructions in the manual for the routines below. If anyone can help me with the PPC ROM Manual page number the routines are listed on, I can update.
I also did not include the PPC KA or the PPC Hanoi or the DIAL programs from the end. They can be added but...

Here they are ...
Name        XROM XREF Type    Function   Linked   Group  Reference #1       Reference #2    Reference #3    Author(s)      Description
-PPC APPS   17   03   FOCAL   ACV        ACV      APPS   PPC ROM MAN P212   PPC ROM HS                      Cliff Carrie   vertical character accumulation
-PPC APPS   17   05   FOCAL   BLK        MAXMIN   APPS   PPC ROM MAN P320   PPC ROM MP                      Jack Sutton    n/d
-PPC APPS   17   06   FOCAL   CAL        MAXMIN   APPS   PPC ROM MAN P320   PPC ROM MP                      Jack Sutton    n/d
-PPC APPS   17   09   FOCAL   CRV        CVPL     APPS   PPC ROM MAN P116   PPC ROM CV      PPC CA V7N5P46  Bill Barnett   curve fitting program
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