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HP 41CL Flash Database - Documentation
07-17-2016, 01:22 PM
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HP 41CL Flash Database - Documentation
Regularly Monte is adding new modules to the 41CL flash database; the latest one is named "HNDY".
Unfortunately many of these new or updated modules come without any kind of documentation ( no, there isn't any on TOS either for MANY modules!),
an exception being Angel's modules which are documented perfectly, of course.

I understand that very few people are willing to create large detailed manuals, but a quick reference guide should accompany any module that is passed to Monte for insertion in the CL flash database.
At least a short description of the ( new or updated ) functions is inevitable IMHO. I would not even think about downloading and programming a module image into flash if I haven't got the faintest idea what it is all about.
Instead of inserting more strange undocumented images into CL flash memory, I recommend the creation of a 41CL documentation database where there is an entry for each single image - even if it is only a very brief description of its functions ( function name - input parameters - meaning of output, for example ).
The unexplored rest can be marked as such and put into a separate database, until a description is available.

I am curious about your thoughts about that.
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