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Dream machine 2017?
06-18-2016, 08:35 AM
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Dream machine 2017?
I was just wondering, wishing, and dreaming:

Matlab seems to be a popular tool in the world of education. Handheld devices have reached quite a level of sophistication. Connectivity and speed makes web communication practical, and the human machine interface is getting better all the time. So, with the range of available, (or practical concepts), what would a stand alone, (handheld), prime replacement, look like as a 2017 dream machine? (Oh, and also, let's make it dual purpose this time: cover the needs of both academic and professional users!

1. Display: (the current prime display seems ok)?
2. Architecture: (CPU, Memory, keyboard, I/O)?
3. Core software with add-on modules Matlab-like?
4. Cost expectation?

The prime has a lot of capability, but I constantly run into greater need, or inadequate understanding of existing power within this machine. There is much room for improvement. I would like to calculate, model, simulate, opto-control I/O, and network, both web and share. I want interactive help files that support my use activity, by providing definition, example, and alternative commands. I want to see a daylight visible color display, and interface with a handy keyboard. Provide for third party created addons, while protecting the core hardware / software (security).

I want all of this for $200 or less. For a really robust device, I would be interested up to $1000 device cost, and possibly pay extra for specialty add ons, similar to Matlab's marketing strategy.

Oh well, dream on, right?

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