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HP-41 Games Library ready at last.
11-25-2017, 06:48 AM
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RE: HP-41 Games Library ready at last.
(11-25-2017 02:38 AM)David Hayden Wrote:  Thanks for putting this together. I was very pleasantly surprised to see my own "hunt the wompus" game included.

My pleasure, and thank you for writing it - I hope the credits in the pdf duly reflect your authorship, I should re-check!

(11-25-2017 02:38 AM)David Hayden Wrote:  If I'm reading this right, programs that use the RNG function won't work on a 41CL unless it has a time module. Is that correct? When I execute RNG it always returns 0.

That's a good question, yes it's correct: the time registers (where the value is fetched from) actually reside in the Time module, so it needs to be present.

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