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HP 48SX screen annunciator area smear
06-11-2016, 11:57 PM
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RE: HP 48SX screen annunciator area smear
(06-10-2016 05:18 PM)striegel Wrote:  
(06-05-2016 02:49 AM)Raymond Del Tondo Wrote:  I think it's LCD bleeding. I have seen this on several SX units, mostly on pre-E and some early E units.

So, if this bleeding is confined to the annunciator area at the top of the screens, have you got a theory of why it happens this way? Factors like heat or vibration?

This particular machine came from Texas, where it gets considerably hotter for longer than around here (northeast Ohio).

Also, where is the dividing line for the early units? Mine is from 1990, week 35.
The dividing line should have been the units with ROM rev. E , but even my E shows the bleeding signs. Don't forget these machines are older than a quarter of a century, and the machines were not made to last that long...

Actually, many units from 1990 (mostly Rev. B to D) were prone to LCD bleeding due to LCD manufacturing problems, so you were lucky to face the ageing effects just now, and not in the early years;-)

-- Ray
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