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Angle being re-writed on entering it
06-07-2016, 02:38 PM
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RE: Angle being re-writed on entering it
It is normal that machines have rounding "problems" (actually these are not really problems...)

But then another question:
to avoid such "problems" when you work with real numbers you can set the number format to have only a certain number of digits displayed, I normally work with floating 3.
Now, also with floating 3, I obtain 1080°00'37.00001", with 5 digits after the digital point.


I know that 1080°00'37" has more then 4 digits, but I find the seconds value (which is the last) should be rounded at 4 (1+3) digits, so 1080°00'37.00 which would be represented as 1080°00'37" in floating mode, avoiding the rounding problem.
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