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TDS 512MB cards and HP48SX
05-26-2016, 09:08 PM
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RE: TDS 512MB cards and HP48SX
(05-26-2016 07:55 AM)JoJo1973 Wrote:  I've researched for a multi bank expansion card for my old faithful 48SX, but all I've found are GX cards.
The GX cards only make sense in a GX. The HP 48GX uses a special access mechanism, which only the GX compatible cards implement.

There may not be many TDS MultiMemory cards for the SX available, since the older ones from 1990-92 had a hardware bug which rendered them unusable on certain battery level conditions.

(05-26-2016 07:55 AM)JoJo1973 Wrote:  In particular I'm interested in a 512MB card from TDS. It's the green one, labeled for GX.
Then you'll only be able to access 128K of the card in the SX, and it may even not be guaranteed to get the same 128K page after the next startup.

(05-26-2016 07:55 AM)JoJo1973 Wrote:  Does anyone know also if it is compatible with the bank switching library on
No, the TDS switching library only works with the older TDS MultiMemory cards made especially for the SX.

However there exists a version of the TDS switcher which works on the GX, so if you put an older TDS MultiMemory card for the SX into port 1 of a GX, and install the GX version of the switcher library in port 0, then it should work.

The were some related forum discussions in the past.

You could also consider getting a GX, which would simplify several things;-)

-- Ray
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