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TDS 512MB cards and HP48SX
05-26-2016, 07:55 AM
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TDS 512MB cards and HP48SX
Hi everybody,

I've researched for a multi bank expansion card for my old faithful 48SX, but all I've found are GX cards.

I remember having read that many cards labeled for GX can be used on the SX provided a bank switching library is installed. I've also read that some cards are NOT hardware compatible, but not being an expert in this field this information might be not exact.

Could anyone confirm this? In particular I'm interested in a 512MB card from TDS. It's the green one, labeled for GX. The owner has no documentation for it but has provided me with the serial number, in case it might be useful for identification.

Does anyone know also if it is compatible with the bank switching library on

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