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HP 97 printer repair with HP 82143 parts?
05-28-2016, 10:07 AM
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RE: HP 97 printer repair with HP 82143 parts?
(05-26-2016 09:05 AM)isanchez Wrote:  Hi,
I have plenty experience in repairing HP97 calculators.
You have to replace the paper advance rolls. They trend to disgregate or create "plain faces", that make that i.e. each four lines the interspacing is bad.

I do recommend to use the squared o-rings offered in ebay for the card reader repair. They work very well. I have repaired many 97s and more HP41 printers (both are substatially the same and have this problem)

If you need any help do not hesitate to contact me. I can provide you pictures about how to do it, or you can send it to me (I am located in Spain) It is a bit difficult to do it the first time, as you have to adjust the paper advance axis to work properly...but once done, you will get your printer back for many decades!!

I do not recommed to use the tracking rolls from the HP41 printer, as all tracking rolls trend to disgregate with time. This is not a permanent solution. In any case, both are interchangeable...but the potential problem is still there, and will come back.

Regarding the HP41 printer and the 97 compatibility... you can exchange the frame perfectly, taking into account that the motor transmission mechanism is different, as mentioned. I have not had the need to break any part to adjunt the frame into a fits fine. I had to do this because the guides that keep in place the transparent plastic viewer in my 97 were broken and it did not keep in place as paper advanced.

Good luck and kind regards

Thanks for the comprehensive description!
That makes sense. I will attempt the o ring repair then.

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