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Latest update kills Entry Mode Switcher
04-26-2016, 02:53 AM
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Latest update kills Entry Mode Switcher
The latest firmware seems to have a broken Cristóbal De Jesús's brilliant little entry mode switcher:


// Cycles over entry mode options. 
KEY K_On() 
LOCAL an:={"Textbook","Algebraic","RPN"}; 

STARTVIEW(-8,1); // Out to ANY AVAILABLE view... 
STARTVIEW(-1,1); // ... and back in, to refresh 


This is one of the most useful programs I've ever found (thanks to Cristobal, a thousand times over!) but it doesn't quite work the same since the update. It actually does switch modes but the mode label (e.g. TEXTOUT_P(an(Entry+1),G0,2,207,2,RGB(255,0,0)); ) is cleared as soon as it's written to the screen. You can see the labels very briefly but then the screen is cleared and they disappear. The virtual calculator has the same issue.

Any insight into why the text no longer appears?
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