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FW10077: AFilesB() not working on Prime Rev. A
04-25-2016, 05:32 PM
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RE: FW10077: AFilesB() not working on Prime Rev. A
Hi Tim,

The spreadsheet problem seemed to be the result of cell names being truncated to no more than five characters in length. Other cells that referenced the name would then report an error. Some sheets would just generate errors but the one that caused a reboot seemed to do so whenever the spreadsheet was refreshed through a startview(2,1) or even by just getting into the numeric view and attempting to scroll or change to another cell.

The workaround was to take the original backup file made before updating the hardware Prime, loading the backup into the emulator on the PC, fixing shortened names, then saving a backup of the emulator. Loading that backup into the hardware Prime cleared up the spreadsheet crash problem. BTW, that same sheet did not cause the emulator to freeze or reboot the way the hardware calculator did.

I'll see what I can do to recover the old spreadsheet from the pre-upgrade backup and send it.

The hardware Prime failure of AFilesB() is a puzzle. In addition to formatting C: I also updated the firmware again to make sure there was no corruption. I've attached a screenshot for confirmation.


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