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Expanding RAM
04-25-2016, 06:39 PM
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RE: Expanding RAM
(04-25-2016 05:38 AM)cyrille de brĂ©bisson Wrote:  [...]
My understanding is that you can find a slew of pin compatible chips that you could solder there...
What I do not know is if the Operating system can dynamicaly figure out the size of the RAM, or if it is hard codded. In the first case, it would work directly. Else you would need to do some SW work to make it work...

sorry that I can not help more...
On the plus side, with the new version of the software, you have around 18MB of RAM, which is quite a lot!


Thank you fo your courteous insight. It is a thought to ponder. Oh for the days of socketed DILs!
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