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HP41 History : Introduction in 1980 magazine
04-17-2016, 05:39 PM (This post was last modified: 04-17-2016 05:39 PM by Steve Simpkin.)
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RE: HP41 History : Introduction in 1980 magazine
(04-17-2016 12:43 PM)Mark Power Wrote:  Also covered is the the price reduction of the TRS-80 4K RAM Model I to £385 and the launch of the Microwriter.

I bought a HP41CV in 1983 with about 2K of RAM for about half the price of that TRS-80 4K Model 1. Was that good value? It certainly seemed like it to me as I could carry the 41 with me, plug it into a digital cassette drive that I bought second hand, have all my programs in continuous memory, etc.

Thanks for the article. I vividly recall buying the TRS-80 "User’s Manual for Level I" book in 1977 ( It was my first introduction to computers and BASIC. I also bought my first HP that year, a HP-25 so it was a big year for meSmile
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