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Updated 41Z : Deluxe Edition available
03-14-2017, 06:13 AM
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RE: Updated 41Z : Deluxe Edition available
(03-14-2017 05:24 AM)hth Wrote:  
(03-13-2017 10:26 PM)Monte Dalrymple Wrote:  Should not be necessary, and is almost certainly not testable. Both Cold Start and Deep Sleep Wakeup conditions are supposed to reset the bank selects to Bank 0. The 41CL hardware does.

HP does this, and it is not for sure that the calculator goes to sleep before running a poll vector.

I have never run into an issue with the current status (i.e. without the additional "assurance" on the secondary banks) - not on V41, i41CX, all the standard machines, and of course the CL. I too was under the impression that the Cold Start or deep sleep will do that as well, but yes I've seen that done on the 41 Advantage - maybe due to the type of chip they used for that module?

Moreover, all throughout the code there are numerous locations where I haven't been all that rigorous switching back to the main bank - like after an error condition (Data Error, NonExistent, OutOfRange). This doesn't seem to have an adverse effect, the machine is back to the main bank regardless - which should confirm the Deep Sleep assumption.
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