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A little survey
02-27-2016, 03:30 PM
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RE: A little survey
(02-27-2016 11:48 AM)walter b Wrote:  Do you know there is a separate little (62 page) text called 'WP 34S – MANUAL CALCULATION GUIDE' containing examples? Since the greater part of its content is copied from vintage HP calculator manuals, its available for free at xxx (pleas ask Bob (i.e. rprosperi) for the address, I'd have to search for it). After having read that, do you suggest implementing that (or something alike) into the Owner's Manual(s)?

Don't get me wrong, despite I'm not a mathematician or scientist, I understand the great value packed in this WP-34S machine, considering the limitations of the HP-30B platform.

Yes, I have a copy of that good book of yours, Danke sehr! Smile
It is very helpful and I believe it could be inserted in the User guide, why not?

I'm sure the new potential WP-XXS calculator buyers/users that are not aware of the HP machines operation like the HP-15C and HP-42S will find it very useful as well.

I know this is asking too much, but inserting one single example for each one of the main WP-XXs functions, would be an excellent way to promote RPN in general and WP-XXs machines in particular.

(02-27-2016 11:48 AM)walter b Wrote:  And a question concerning your final remark:
(02-27-2016 11:17 AM)jebem Wrote:  ... it is mentioned in the current manual that the wp34s is based on the 42s. This is inaccurate and misleading and should be removed. Unless a new wpXX machine is really implementing the 42s interface, that is.
It may be inaccurate since we couldn't implement the data types and (hence) some matrix and complex functions of the 42S. This is clearly mentioned in the current manual. Beyond that I still think the WP 34S is based on the HP-42S - it is not a clone, however. Maybe I didn't understand what you meant by '42S interface' though. Will you tell me, please?

OK, I am probably wrong here, as I can't discuss the internal software implementation to know if it is closer to a HP-15C or to a HP-42S, or to any other platform for that matter.

But what I meant was that the HP-42S sports a number of functions/features that are not available on the WP-34S.

For instance, take the really, really excellent "HP-42S Programming Examples and Techniques Ed1 Jul-88" guide from HP that is available for free in a number of places in the Internet these days (they don't do user guides like this anymore, do they?) and try to do any of the Solver examples.

That's what I meant: Anyone initially ignorant of the WP-34S features reading the WP-34S user guide, may wrongly understand that it should be possible to do the same HP-42S features on a WP-34S.

I'm not complaining about the large and great function set sported by the WP-34S that, in my humble opinion, beats the HP-42S features in several aspects.
But the HP-42S friendly user interface with two full lines display and excellent software to handle the Solver (for instance), makes a big point in favor of the HP machine.

Let's wait and see what others with much more insight than me, have to say.

And please keep the good work!
I'm supporting the WP team where I can.

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