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Dr Rautenberg's Website Restored
02-12-2016, 11:01 PM
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Dr Rautenberg's Website Restored
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rautenberg's website, with many excellent tools, utilities and programs for 49g/49g+/50g, has been restored and can be found here:

Dr. Rautenberg's programs are extremely useful when learning RPL, particularly when you start some more advanced things with key assignments, decompiling, etc.

However, no matter what level of 49/50g user, I recommend you check out his innovative, instructive and very useful programs, including notably OT49, KeyMan and TopKeys.

Dr. Rautenberg passed away in 2011 and his website, hosted at the Univ of Berlin where he taught Math and Computer Science, disappeared about 2 years ago, a loss to calculator users everywhere. When I found it gone, I hunted about and sent an email asking to have it restored. Though I never heard any reply, I would guess many other people did as well.

For some reason, it occurred to me today to look for this site using the Wayback Machine (the internet one, not Mr. Peabody's) and it informed me that this site has never been archived, BUT that it is available on the internet now. So I clicked and ta-da, there it was.

RPL fans - check it out before it disappears again.

--Bob Prosperi
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