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Hypothetical 6502-based synthesizer calculator?
01-31-2016, 04:47 AM
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RE: Hypothetical 6502-based synthesizer calculator?
I don't know what you'd want a musical synthesizer calculator for, but modern 65c02's are powerful enough to do the job without the SID, just by sampling the waveforms based on timer interrupts, and feeding the samples from tables, polyphonically. I've run about 125,000 interrupts per second on a 65c02, and the fastest 65c02's are about 40 times as fast as mine (200MHz, about 50MIPS, and an interrupt sequence that's only 35ns long). CD sampling rate for high-quality audio is only 44,100 samples per second.

I do emphasize the "c" in 65c02 though, for "CMOS." It has a ton of benefits over MOS Technology's original 6502, which I outline at . (Lots of HP-41 links at the bottom of the links page, )
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