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HP 50g - How to log and edit RPN expression entry?
01-17-2016, 03:12 AM
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RE: HP 50g - How to log and edit RPN expression entry?
To an experienced TI-84 user, the 50g certainly does feel awkward, and the opposite is equally true. I can attest to the latter personally, I tried.

It sounds like you are trying to use the 50g the same way you use the TI, and it simply will not work that way, at least not comfortably or easily, as it wasn't intended to be used that way. But I believe you will find it is very consistent and predictable, once you spend time learning to use it as intended.

In the opposite sense, as an experienced RPL user, I tried to pick and use my son's TI-84 and was not only confused, I couldn't even get it to do simple things. Nearly ready to just toss it, my son gave me some sage advice: RTFM. So, I did and suspended all prior "knowledge" of how to use a calculator intuitively (which after 40 years of RPN and RPL was extremely biased). But by just following the manual (and some online tutorials I found) I was suddenly able to use it and do meaningful stuff.

Ultimately, it was just idle curiosity, and I petty much dropped it, but the exercise was primarily to understand just how 'good' or 'bad' it really was. Obviously it turned out it was neither of those, just different, or maybe more to the point, it was not to my taste.

All that comes down to this: try to learn using the 50g the way it was intended to be used and I think you will be far more satisfied, but more importantly, will be able to effectively use some of the features that justified your switching in the first place.


--Bob Prosperi
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