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Impossible, unusable, invisible
12-19-2015, 11:24 PM
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Impossible, unusable, invisible
As if anyone need be convinced otherwise -- this thread (or similar) may have come up in the past but perhaps not as biased...;o) For grins, I acquired a TI-89 Titanium for about $20 on TAS so I could compare with my HP50G and Prime models, and within 10 minutes was totally convinced that the 89 was pretty much worth its weight in soot.

Any calculator where one needs a magnifying glass to see what one is doing is beyond hope. For a 55-year-old bloke this is to be expected, one might think. But add to that the first operation or attempt to use a program resulting in the machine freezing, requiring multiple internet searches to find out how to reset it (battery removal didn't work, although an obscure key combo did!). And to get sin 29 one has to hunt for a tiny blue secondary function, punch in the 29, THEN add a closing parenthesis, and hit enter. Whatever happened to "29 sin" and getting the answer directly? Impossible, unusable, and invisible.
OK rant over with. Maybe some school kid wants the Ti-89. I don't.

I'm so glad I became an HP user all those years ago. And the Prime's mondo display is wonderfully easy on the eyes. The 50 g is so much more intuitive also.

And all you need for "sine of 29 degrees" is to hit 29 sin and you're done.
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