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HP 35s Discontinued or Marketing trick?
03-11-2016, 12:34 PM
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RE: HP 35s Discontinued or Marketing trick?
(03-11-2016 07:07 AM)cyrille de brĂ©bisson Wrote:  Hello,

>No manufacturer is doing comprehensive quality testing and control, because it would rise the production costs to a level that the product would not be competitive.
>They have a schedule to design, test and go to market, and nothing will stop them.
>Realistically, there are no perfect products for the simple reason it were made by humans. It is in our nature.

It depends on what you mean by 'comprehensive'. Are every single possible inputs for + tested (all ~(10^12*999)^2 of them)? Well, no.... for some strange reasons...
Are all functions tested? Normally yes, but we are humans and stuff can be missed.

Agreed Cyrille but selling machines that cannot be flashed on 21st century such as the 35s tells us something about the desire to deliver quality vs cheap off shore development to the detriment of the brand.
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