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HP-15C: Fixing the CHS and Stack Lift Bug
12-14-2015, 10:39 PM
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RE: HP-15C: Fixing the CHS and Stack Lift Bug
(12-13-2015 04:39 PM)Katie Wasserman Wrote:  fixing any emulator will mean that it's no longer a true emulation.

This reminds me a little of the Ship of Theseus. On the one hand we complain that bugs in the HP-35S or HP-15C LE aren't fixed. But then we value an HP-35 containing the exp-bug more than a fixed one. Isn't hat strange?

Can we improve the HP-15C by fixing its bugs? Or is changing the ROM heresy? I have the utmost respect for the programmers of these ROMs. You can not simply rewrite the code to fix a bug because the ROM is full. Moving lines means recalculating branches. Thus I'm happy I could find a solution by only moving a few of them. I feel it's done in the spirit of the original programmers.

Using an emulator we can use both: the original and the fixed ROM. Thus why not provide it as an option as Matthias suggested?
But then we can probably agree that it's not a serious bug. So you might just as well think: who cares?

Kind regards
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