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HP-71 Forth/Assembler ROM fix
11-26-2018, 10:48 PM
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RE: HP-71 Forth/Assembler ROM fix
(11-26-2018 07:33 PM)Christoph Giesselink Wrote:  So my reference is the HPTools assembler package v3.0.9. With this assembler I wrote my HP48 SysRPL and Assembler programs, was able to do the same thing with the HP49G, could compile the Aplet/eLesson framework files for the HP38G/HP39G. Back to the roots I used HPTools v3 to write the HP28C ROM upload program with the opcode restrictions of the 1LK7 CPU.

Finally I created with the help of the HP-71 JPC ROM and other sources a small framework for compiling LEX files on the PC...

Thanks Christoph, for your comments and especially for sharing the LEX file template; this is extremely similar to the style proposed by John Baker back when he was busily writing almost everything for the 71B. For simple/small LEX files, the macro pseudo-ops in the F/A ROM assembler work fine, but I can understand your goal of wanting to use a single tool suite for all the Saturn targets!

Do you know where the HPTools pkg v3.0.9 is available to download? I naturally thought it may be on, but the latest version I see there is v3.0.8 (awfully close of course, but no doubt 3.0.9 was released for a reason....)

--Bob Prosperi
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