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Doing Math in Different Language
11-21-2015, 12:57 AM (This post was last modified: 11-21-2015 01:46 AM by Vtile.)
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RE: Doing Math in Different Language
Is there btw. a study made (and written) of the history of mathematical notation used along the years?

I must add to above example that there is still a lot of variation, while normally people in field knows what some diagram or drawing means, it is a lot based to the knowledge that there is variation. We can take example of logic gates which are different in different "standard" regions, same goes with ie. resistor markings. Then there is whole lot of style draw relays and how the wiring logics goes. If the reader knows enough the subject he can fill the voids.

Same in the maths different people use different notation of symbols for same stuff, ie. how something like voltage or current is written ie. is it peak or rms and how are the super or subscripts used etc. etc. Same goes with pure mathematics, there is different styles to write ie. derivative f'(x) or d/dx which makes reading even relative simple mathematics bizarre until you get enough knowledge in notation and get knowledge to regognice patterns in mathematical sentences, oh this is Eulers formula and the next line looks like it does because he did this and that trick to get there. So basicly the maths is as much pattern recognition as ie. reading a wiring diagram and there is also variation of writing what you are saying, like how complex numbers are written.

Then there is the so called basic math vs. so called higher maths language differences, which are total sidetrack. Ie. the classic square root with negative numbers is there a solution or not. For person of knowledge of only basic math there is no solution of square root of negative number in his/her world, while for person who have knowledge of more advanced math there is solution(s) on complex domain for that mathematical operation.

Logics and rules are pretty universal I would assume.
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