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ENG button in Casio calculator
01-07-2018, 09:57 AM (This post was last modified: 01-07-2018 02:05 PM by salvomic.)
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RE: ENG button in Casio calculator
(01-07-2018 01:49 AM)BERNARD MICHAUD Wrote:  Hi Salvo

I am interested in this program, but I noticed that in the program KEY K_1() the latest Firmware has added new options in the Number Format: section and it seems that now 0=System, 1=Standard, 2=Fixed, 3= Scientific, 4=Engineering, 5=Floating, and 6=Rounded. Just wondering if that would affect the KEY K_1() part of the program in Post 19 (bottom).

Also it would help to have an example as to how to run the program to achieve the proper result. It may prompt more users to download and use it.

Thanks Bernard

hi Bernard,
I'm trying now in beta v3 and it works: with Key 1 I can switch between Standard and Engineering format (all number converted in Home into powers of 3).
I think that still we have:
0 Standard, 1 Fixed, 2 Scientific, 3 Engineering, 4 Floating, 6 Rounded, as we can see in Shift-Home (Settings).
Other people in the Forum could explain how System / Standard are intended (as precedence and number, I mean)...

See the attached image for info.
Let's you input 0.0000356
User / (÷) you get ENGB(Ans) -> 35.6E-6
User x you get ENGA(Ans) -> 0.0356E-3
ENGA goes left, ENGB goes right in the powers list...
User - you get my "prefix" extension to the original program of cclinus, so you get "0.0356 m" (that as I used it after the two other commands, if you use it as first command you get a number >0 as normal). "m" means "milli-" (1E-3)
User + you get EXPR(renege(Ans) -> 0.0000356, that's the original numbers.
This works both from the ENG expressions and from the prefix one
Then I put in the screenshot another example:
input 1.12233E-8 (actually 11.2233E-9, but it's the same)
prefix(Ans) returns "11.2233 n" that means "nano-" (1E-9)

I hope this help Smile

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