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WP 31S RCL function
10-19-2015, 04:12 PM
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WP 31S RCL function
I wonder if someone could give me some pointers on using the RCL function on my newly built WP 31S. I'm running version 3801.

I start with the stack like this:

t: 4
z: 3
y: 2
x: 1

I press "RCL" and it waits for input from me. I assume at this point that the keyboard is in "transient alpha mode" (from the manual). I press the "3" key to recall the Z register. Instead of the x register containing the number 3, it has a zero.

t: 3
z: 2
y: 1
x: 0

Can someone point out what I'm doing wrong? I can recall from registers using "CATREG" and that seems to work normally.

Thanks in advance!
Mike M.
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