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Ti-59 Surprise
09-27-2015, 02:35 PM
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RE: Ti-59 Surprise
(09-25-2015 11:50 PM)Sanjeev Visvanatha Wrote:  Is it common for a Ti-59 card reader to work after 34 years of non-use?

In my humble opinion Texas 59's card reader was designed to last.
The card reader is heavy, and there is a reason - Good old quality materials, starting with a excellent 4-track magnetic head, a strong motor, a full metal gearbox, a capstan and pinch roller that will not wear easily, even the open air switch sensors are meant to last ages.
However, the motor speed may need proper speed adjustment in order to successful read old magnetic cards, specially after a maintenance procedure.

If people here allows me to quote myself, here is my report on the 59 internals here.
I acquired one of my Texas TI-59 along with a few written cards, and it could read them at this try, after some 30+ years stored in a shelf and being victim of battery leaking abuse.

(09-25-2015 11:50 PM)Sanjeev Visvanatha Wrote:  This one is missing the manuals and battery pack. Is there a source to buying a replacement battery pack that anyone may know of?

Concerning the battery pack, it is easy to replace the old batteries with new NiCd ones as long as you still have the original battery door.
Or you may just acquire another Texas, for instance a 58 to use as a donor.
It is possible to find them at a low cost.
I have done that a couple of times for exactly the same reason.

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