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[HP 39gII] USB product ID?
09-22-2015, 04:12 PM
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RE: [HP 39gII] USB product ID?
Thank you for your detailed reply, Tim! Much appreciated!
(09-22-2015 01:20 PM)Tim Wessman Wrote:  The wireless antenna/dongle use a nordic chip in the ~2.4ghz range.
Nice, I have some familiarity with it. ;-)
Quote:u32 const vidpid[] = { 0x1F0C2000, 0x03f00441, 0x03f01541, 0x03f00741, 0x19150101 }; // Streamer, Prime, NewPrime, RF Antennae, Dongle Updater

First is the current ss410
Since I just learned there are two versions of the SS410, can you also provide the IDs of the older one (even if it's not supported by the Prime)?

Quote:then a prime with the old pid, then a prime with the new pid (we had to change this as it caused problems when switching from hid to mass storage on usb 3.0 for updating - windows didn't recognize as a new device because the vid/pid didn't change even through the device profile did),
I see. Just to rule out any misinterpretation, I take "NewPrime" to mean "new PID used by new firmware" (since when?), or is this also bound on the hardware platform underneath (as in: "old Primes" are NW280AA (revision A) units and new Primes are G8X92AA (revision C) units or something like this)?
If I understood you correctly, the new PID 1541h is used only when using the mass storage profile, but the Primes continue to use the old PID 0441h in HID mode? (Or do they now use PID 1541h in all modes, and using this rather than the old ID alone keeps mode switching problems from not occuring under Windows for some reason?)



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