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[HP 39gII] USB product ID?
09-20-2015, 04:47 PM
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[HP 39gII] USB product ID?

Recently I submitted updates to the USB ID Repository maintained by Stephen J. Gowdy for all HP calculators utilizing USB ports in order to improve support for them in operating systems and application software off the mainstream, however, I was unable to find out the USB product ID (PID) of the HP 39gII (NW249AA) calculator.

Does someone know this PID or own a HP 39gII (or Windows USB drivers for it), so that we can find out?

Also still missing is the PID of the HP StreamSmart 410 (NW278AA) and possibly that of the Bluetooth modules of the HP Prime Wireless Kit (FOK65AA), assuming they use the USB protocol to communicate with the Prime as well. Anyone?

For completeness, here's a compilation of the IDs I found out so far:

VID 03F0h, PID 0121h:
- hp 39g+ (F2224A)
- HP 39gs (F2223A)
- HP 40gs (F2225A)
- hp 48gII (F2226A) (2007 revision only)
- hp 49g+ (F2228A)
- HP 50g (F2229A, NW240AA)

VID 03F0h, PID 0221h:
- StreamSmart 400 (F2235AA)

VID 03F0h, PID 0441h:
- HP Prime (NW280AA, G8X92AA) (NW280AA does not support USB-OTG unit-to-unit communication, the StreamSmart 410 or the Bluetooth modules)



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