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HP 10g
09-12-2015, 06:11 PM
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HP 10g
HP released a 9s scientific calculator more or less in tandem with the 9g graphing calculator, that being a clone of the Casio fx-6000G series. However, there has not yet been a 10g graphing calculator to go along with the 10s(+). Did HP ever even plan such a calculator? If not, what, if any, was the reasoning behind this? If so, why would HP have "forgotten" about that plan and what might have been in it?
For my part, I suspect HP did have a plan that was "forgotten" because the Marketing department thought it was a calculator that too few people would care to buy from them or didn't understand that a bizarre design was only a draft. Maybe it was intended just to be a 9g that supported entering lowercase letters and had double memory space (800 steps of formula plus A-Z, a-z and 66 array memories exchangeable for 12 extra steps each). However, its firmware was inexplicably initially drafted for a hybrid display that could display formulae as one sees them presented in textbooks and a marketing executive misunderstood this as the production design and suggested the project to be axed because the design looked too strange to be profitable.
What do you all think about this?
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