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09-02-2015, 11:51 AM
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Hi all

With the current firmware (2015 6 17 (8151)) I get the following results in CAS-mode:

0/0 = undef
1/0 = +- \infty
sin(0.5)/0 = +Inf

as well as
1/\infty = 0

In each of the first three cases I get a different output. In addition, the second and third result is simply wrong. If I wanted a limit I'd write a limit. My students don't know yet about limits, all they know is that division by 0 is not defined. So it will be hard to explain to them what this output is suposed to mean.

I also dislike the fourth result a lot. Infty is surely not a number I can just use for division. I think the calculator should be much more strict here especially for the students. However, one could argue differently here.

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