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regarding result form : abs value of complex number
08-25-2015, 02:56 AM
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RE: Complex number absolute value
(08-25-2015 02:43 AM)aiden Wrote:  I don't know why they give different answers Please help me out to understand this situation and give the way to transfer complex answer to simple answer such as virtual calculator's or TI's.

You are getting different answers (hardware calculator versus emulator) because the CAS Settings are different. If you use the default settings (press Shift CAS, then Shift Esc, to get the default settings), and change the Simplify setting to Maximum, you will get 1 as desired. The result with the RE and IM terms in it was due to having the "Include complex results in variables" setting turned on (CAS Settings, 5th line, 2nd column), which means that the x in your expression can be complex, which is probably not what you need, so leave that setting turned off.

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