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Math Pac
08-10-2015, 05:44 PM
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RE: Math Pac
(08-10-2015 03:50 PM)Leviset Wrote:  All please forgive an old time programmer (now retired) who cut his teeth writing programs for the HP-97 in the early 80s in the UK. A very kind man from Harrowgate gave me his unused HP-41CX complete with case and both manuals plus 2 X-Memory cards in 2 of the 4 available slots. He bought it in the 1980s in Singapore but it was never used as he had a work one as well.
My question is I know you could (can?) get different Pacs to slot in. The one I want is the Math Pac. I've recently bought the full $40 usb stick from the HP museum. Am I right in thinking that somewhere on there I'll find all the programs that were in the Math Pac and at worst I could rekey each of them and store them on one of my X-Memory cards basically creating my own Math Pac? Is there any way to copy the programs from the usb stick straight to the X-Memory card? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated as I doubt I can actually buy the Math Pac.

While the MoHPC USB drive is something you really should get anyhow, it contains primarily manuals (including for the Application ROMs) and other documents, but not the ROM images themselves.

While there are many options, the simplest and most economical choice is to get a Clonix Module from Diego Diaz at his website here:

This module contains EPROM which can be loaded with images of most of the HP Application ROMs (included). For example you can load 4 ROM images into this one module, similar to plugging-in 4 of the original ROM modules, but only using 1 port.

Of the many options, for what you stated, I think a Clonix-D module is the best choice, but when you contact him, tell Diego what you want to do; he is very helpful and knowledgeable and can guide you better than I can.

Another option, if you want the actual modules, is to buy them on eBay or other online auction websites, they are readily available, but often without manuals, quick guides, etc. But for what you pay for 1 or 2 of these modules, the Clonix module will let you use many more applications.

Lastly, if you are looking for a top-end solution, look at the amazing HP-41CL, at this website: This is a far more powerful and flexible system, but as you should expect, it does cost more and is a bit more difficult to learn and use. That said, it is the ultimate extension of the HP-41 series of machines.

Hope this helps.


--Bob Prosperi
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