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HP 28C - Too Few Arguments
08-03-2015, 03:23 PM
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RE: HP 28C - Too Few Arguments
Steve's test should help illuminate the basics of RPN operation. You can also read up at the following link for a deeper explanation ( RPN will seem a little foreign to you initially, but after 15 or 20 minutes it will be 2nd nature. It's so ingrained in my brain that I have trouble using a standard calculator. RPN just makes more sense to me.

Also, the 1: 2: and 3: are normal to see on the display, as is shown in this picture ( of a 28C. These numbers label the stack level that you will learn about by reading the first link.

The "Too Few Arguments" error message usually comes as a result of trying some operation without enough arguments on the stack. For example if you press the "+" button (or any other operation requiring 2 arguments) with only 1 number on the stack, you would get this error.

Good luck with your new calculator, and let us know if you have further questions.

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